Educational Outreach

classroomTo schedule a presentation, please contact our Education Outreach Champion, Linda Werts, CPP at 419-322-9164, fax 419-482-6909 or email

2015 will mark nine years of reaching out to area young people and others just entering the workforce.

As part of National Payroll Week and our goal for payroll related Educational Outreach in the Toledo community, we are scheduling presentations of “Money Matters – Bring Home the Gold” to area high school students and other interested organizations. The presentation is designed for people just entering the workforce to help them understand their paycheck. The presentation contains information regarding:

What is Form W-4 and IT-4
Filling out Form W-4 and IT-4
Municipal and School district taxes
Tax Withholdings & Mandatory Deductions
Other Paycheck Deductions
How to calculate a Paycheck
Direct deposit and paycards

Presentations can be adapted to last from 30 to 90 minutes and customized for the age group being presented to.

Since 2006, Money Matters National Education Day has been recognized during NPW. This day is set aside to unite payroll professionals across the nation as they promote financial literacy to the youth of our nation.

What is MasterCard Money Matters National Education Day?

During MasterCard Money Matters National Education Day, payroll professionals from across the country will unite to stop the spread of financial illiteracy. Volunteer payroll professionals will teach local high school students in their community the ins-and-outs of their paychecks, electronic payment methods like direct deposit and paycards, and the payroll withholding system.

What will volunteers teach?

APA has teamed up with the Council for Economic Education to create a special lesson for MasterCard Money Matters National Education Day. This structured lesson, designed for students new to the workforce or about to enter the workforce, teaches the elements of a paycheck, the amount of taxes they can expect to have withheld, how those taxes are calculated and various options to recieve their pay.

Each volunteer will receive a copy of this lesson after registering. You will also receive the lesson plan in your email upon volunteering. The lesson plan includes special workout problems, so each student can actually calculate their own paycheck!

How do I volunteer?

Volunteering is easy. Simply contact Linda Werts at Once you’ve volunteered and downloaded the materials, begin contacting your local high school or youth group to reserve your spot in September. You can teach the lesson any time in September and still qualify for your RCH credit and recognition from APA. We also present year round. Even though you may not receive formal recognition you can still help stamp out financial illiteracy.

What do I receive for volunteering?

Each volunteer receives a gift from MasterCard, 1 RCH credit, recognition from APA’s Executive Director, Dan Maddux for your volunteer efforts, plus all Chapter members who volunteer will be eligible for APA’s National Education Champion Regional Contest.

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